4 steps for troubleshooting a malfunctioning air conditioner

When you wake up on a sweltering hot day, the first order of business is to turn on your air conditioner. So, you switch on your AC unit and anticipate feeling that first burst of cool air. But what do you do if it doesn’t work well? Or if your air conditioner fails to show signs of life all together?  Here are four steps for identifying and remedying AC issues.

1. Check the settings

Ensure that your device is set to the desired temperature. Check the other settings as well. In particular, see whether a setting that reduces the power (such as a power saving or silent mode) is activated, and determine whether a delay timer is on.

2. Check the power supply

Inspect the condition of the power cord. If it’s damaged, it may be causing your air conditioner to function less efficiently. This would necessitate a repair. Or, the issue may be with the power source. Make sure a fuse hasn’t blown or a circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.

3. Inspect the filters and the exhaust hose

When clogged with pollen, dust or other debris, the filters and the exhaust hose can prevent the air conditioner from functioning well. If you haven’t done so recently, clean or replace the filters and clean the exhaust hose.

4. Contact a professional

If you’ve completed all these troubleshooting steps and still haven’t got to the bottom of the issue, you may need to call in a technician to look at your air conditioner. The problem may be mechanical failure, electrical issues or low refrigerant levels. Professional expertise is needed to carry out a repair in each of these cases.

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