8 tips for loading your dishwasher

Many people consider their dishwasher an essential item. However, if you want your bowls, glasses, knives and other items to come out sparkling clean, you need to load your dishwasher properly. As an appliance repair shop and replacement parts retailer in Montreal and Quebec City, Ateliers G. Paquette has put together a few useful tips for loading your dishwasher. 


Loading your dishwasher 101

One of the easiest ways to make sure your dishes come out clean is to avoid overloading your dishwasher. You should leave enough space between your dishes and utensils so that water and detergent can circulate freely. In addition, you should always make sure the sprayer arms don’t bump into anything.


Here are a handful of additional tips to help you effectively load your dishwasher:


  1. Position your plates so that the dirty side is facing the water jets
  2. Angle your bowls, cups, glasses and serving spoons so water can reach inside and won’t pool on top
  3. Place pots and large bowls on the bottom rack, facing downwards and at a slight angle so they don’t block the water jets from reaching the dishes above
  4. Make sure that plastic lids and items that don’t fit in the cutlery basket don’t come loose and get caught in the sprayer arms
  5. Alternate fork and spoons in the cutlery basket to prevent them from nesting
  6. Load sharp knives blade-side down to avoid injuring yourself when loading or unloading the dishwasher
  7. Place sippy cups, water bottles and plastic containers on the top rack away from the heating element so they don’t warp or deform (and always make sure they’re dishwasher safe)
  8. Arrange your cookie sheets and cutting boards on the outer edges of the bottom rack so they don’t block the water jets


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