The Ice Machine does not Produce Ice Cubes: What to do?

You wanted to enjoy drinking some fresh cold water with a few ice-cubes, but - surprise! - your ice machine refuses to produce even a single one? At Ateliers G. Paquette, experts in appliance repair in the region of Grand Montreal, knowledge related to freezers is at our fingertips! In this article, we present you with some examples of frequent ice dispenser breakdowns and their solutions. Happy reading!


The Ice Machine is Clogged

If you have not used ice cubes recently, it is possible that ice might accumulate in the tray and ruin the smooth functioning of the dispenser. Then, it is enough to remove it to free up the outlet of the dispenser. On the other hand, some ice can get jammed in the lever; pull it out with the help of a plastic utensil to solve the problem.


The Water Filter is getting Old

Have you changed the filter at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer? If not, this could well be the cause of the breakdown; since a dirty filter obstructs the water circulation. Moreover, ensure that it is installed correctly. In need of a new filter? We have all types of freezer and refrigerator parts which you require at Ateliers G. Paquette!


The Ice Dispenser is Deactivated

Check that the ice machine is working (have a look at the lever on the side of the manufacturing tray, if applicable) and that you have not deactivated manual function on the control panel or engaged a child safety device inadvertently.


The Temperature of the Freezer is very High 

A temperature around -18 degree celsius (0 degree F) is suggested to have the optimal production of ice. Therefore, control the thermostat of your freezer and see that it is cold enough.


Water Supply is Inadequate

If the ice machine seems to be making a buzzing sound while it tries to produce ice, water supply is probably the cause. Check that the water pipe is correctly connected and permits the flow of water towards the refrigerator. Also ensure that the hose is not obstructed or damaged, and that there isn’t any kink, for example. Lastly, check that the tap is open and the pressure is sufficient.


The Problem Persists? Call Us!

If all these examinations are not enough to fix the problem, intervention of one of our technicians is probably required. At Ateliers G Paquette in Montreal, we carry out freezer repair and appliance repair of all brands. Talk to us to get an appointment!