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Tap water contains substances that may potentially harm your health, not to mention the health of everyone in your household. To make sure you have access to clean, fresh, delicious water every day, make sure to use a water filter that is perfectly adapted to your refrigerator model.

Replacement water and ice filters for Pure Advantage refrigerators by Electrolux (Frigidaire) eliminate an impressive quantity of particles that are either damaging or taste altering. When you use these filters, which are specially designed for high quality filtration, you contribute to reducing the presence of the following matter in your water and ice.

Models :

Pure Advantage EWF01

Pure AdvantageEWF01 contribute to reducing the presence of the following in your ice and water :

  • 2,4-D (herbicide);

  • Alachlor;

  • Atrazine (herbicide);

  • Chlorine;

  • Cysts (algae);

  • Lindane (insecticide);

  • Mercury;

  • Lead;

  • Spores and particles;

  • Toxaphene (pesticide);

  • Etc.


Pure Avantage EAFCBF

  • Activated charcoal replacement filters

  • Seven times more effective at eliminating odours than baking soda

  • One filter included

  • Pure Advantage activated charcoal filters are conceived for Electrolux and ICON brands only.

  • Replace the filter every 6 months

Pure Avantage EWF2CBPA

Water and ice replacement filter compatible with all of Electrolux refrigerators. Reduces the following substances:

  • Reduces spores by 99,99%

  • Reduces particles by 99,10%

  • Reduces turbidity by 97,80%

  • Reduces aesthetic chlorine by 97,40%

  • Reduces lead by 99,30%

  • Reduces mercury by 96,60%

  • Reduces 2,4-D herbicides by 99,90%, alachlor by 97,30%, and atrazine by 94,60%

  • Reduces lindane pesticides by 98,90% and toxaphene by 93,20%

  • Let the water run by the water distributor for about 4 minutes before using for the first time, in order to condition the filtration system

  • Replace the filter every 400 gallons (1 514 liters), or every six (6) to nine (9) months, whichever comes first


To condition your filtration system, let the water run through the distributor for approximately four minutes after installation. We also recommend changing your refrigerator’s water filter every 400 gallons (1514 litres), that is to say, every 6 to 9 months.

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