5 things to inspect when your oven isn’t working

It’s almost dinner time and you’ve taken your favourite pizza out of the freezer. You slide it in the oven, but it just won’t turn on. At Ateliers G. Paquette, we offer stove and oven repair and supply all the parts that may need to be replaced. But before calling us, check that the problem isn’t one of these five things.


The settings

Is it possible that you removed the knobs and buttons for cleaning and then put them back in the wrong places? You never know, it could happen, so check that they’re all in the appropriate spot. If the controls are electronic, restart the system. Like a computer, turning it off and on again may be all that’s needed to make it work.


The door

Does the door close and properly latch itself when you close it? If not, an oven rack or something else may be blocking it or there may be a problem with the hinges. If the door won’t close, the lock mechanism may be on. If that’s the case, unplug the oven and plug it back in to restart the system.


The plug

The problem may be due to the power cord not being plugged in or being plugged in incorrectly. After turning off the appliance’s breaker for safety’s sake, pull the oven out from the wall or remove the drawer to check the wire.


The circuit breaker

If nothing on your oven or stove seems to be working, including the clock, the breaker may have simply switched to the off position. Check your electric panel. If the breaker that controls the oven is in the OFF position, switch it to the ON position.


The gas line

If you have a gas-powered oven, the gas line may be the issue. Check the valve to ensure that the gas supply is open.

Have you checked all these things and yet your oven is still not working? Our stove and oven repair technicians can help. At Ateliers G. Paquette, we’re experts in appliance repair and we can supply a wide range of replacement parts for electric and gas ovens and stoves. What’s more, we have locations in Montreal, Quebec City and Repentigny and we make house calls to all parts of the province. Contact us today.