How to reduce the amount of energy your appliances consume

Are you looking to reduce your monthly energy costs? One of the best ways to lower household energy consumption is to use your appliances more efficiently. As experts in appliance repair in Montreal and throughout Quebec, the team at Ateliers G. Paquette can help. Here are some pro tips for using your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and dryer more efficiently. 



Be careful not to overload the shelves and door compartments, as this can hinder air circulation and force the appliance’s cooling system to work harder, thereby increasing energy consumption.

Set the refrigerator temperature between 1.7 °C and 3.3 °C (35 °F and 38 °F).

Leave a gap of at least 5 cm between the wall and the appliance so as to permit adequate ventilation. Otherwise, the cooling system has to work harder.

Periodically inspect the seal around the door to ensure that there isn’t any air leakage.


Pro tip: Wedge a sheet of paper in the door and try to pull it out when the door is fully closed. If it can be easily slid out, the seal is no longer tight and should be replaced.


At Ateliers G. Paquette, we have a large inventory of appliance parts. If you need a particular component, you can bet that we have it.



Use pots that are the same size as the heating element and cover them whenever possible.

Don’t preheat the oven (you only need to do this when baking bread and pastries).

Only use pots and pans that are in good condition. If the bottom is warped and isn’t flush against the heating element, it will heat less efficiently.

If your stove has coils and trays, keep them clean.



Regularly clean the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.

Use the air-dry cycle rather than the heat-dry cycle, when possible.

Use the eco wash setting, if your machine has one.



Ensure that your laundry has been well wrung out before putting it in the dryer.

Clean the lint trap after each use.

Do all your loads in the same day if possible, so that you can dry loads back to back before the dryer has had time to cool down.

Select a moderate drying temperature: higher heat settings result in greater energy consumption, despite the shorter drying time.


Do you have a problem with one of your appliances?

If you need to have your fridge, stove or any other appliance repaired or you require replacement parts, trust the experienced team at Ateliers G. Paquette. For over 40 years, we’ve provided high quality installation, maintenance and repair services in Montreal and throughout Quebec. We repair all appliance brands, including appliances purchased at Sears. Contact us to learn more.