6 parts to inspect when your washer won’t fill

The scenario is probably a familiar one: you toss your clothes in the washer, pour in detergent, then start the cycle only to find that the machine isn’t filling up. If you don’t know what to do next, the experts in washer repairs at Ateliers G. Paquette have got you covered. Here are the six components that may be causing the issue.


1. Washer door

See if the problem isn’t simply that the washer door wasn’t properly shut. No such luck? Then turn your attention to the lid switch. When the washer door is closed, the lid switch is meant to send a signal to the machine, giving it the green light to start. If the switch is worn or damaged, it’s time to have it replaced.


2. Water supply line

If the water supply line, or hose, is twisted, plugged or punctured, this may prevent the machine from filling. Unknot, unplug or replace it as necessary.


3. Water valve

Ensure the handles on the water valve behind your machine are correctly turned. They may need to be readjusted using a screwdriver or flat out replaced.


4. Water inlet valve screen

Inspect the screen on the water inlet valve for clogs. To do this, you’ll have to disconnect the hoses from the washer. If the screen is clogged, take it out, clean it and replace it.


5. Water level switch

The water level switch is located on the control panel (which usually needs to be unscrewed). If you have a voltmeter, you can see if the water level switch is working correctly by testing its electrical resistance (ohms). If there’s no resistance, it’s malfunctioning, and you’ll need to call in a technician.


6. Pressure chamber

If the machine registers too high a pressure in the chamber, it will refuse to start. Empty the drum and start a new cycle. If the problem persists, call in one of our technicians.


If you’ve tried everything and your washing machine still won’t fill, we can help. Whether you’re in Montreal, Quebec City, Repentigny or anywhere else in the province, you can trust that Ateliers G. Paquette has the washer part you need and the skilled technicians to install it. Contact us today!