Why won’t my washer empty?

Is there soiled water that gets left behind in your washer at the end of its cycle? This is one of the most common issues with washing machines. In fact, the appliance repair experts at Ateliers G. Paquette remedy this problem for homeowners in the Montreal area on a daily basis. Thankfully, you can always count on us for top-notch repair service and spare parts for your various home appliances, including top-loading and front-loading washers. Here are six things you can check yourself before you contact us to repair your washer. 

1- Washer door 

First, make sure the door is properly closed and locked. In addition, ensure that the machine detects that the door is in place, as there could be an issue with the electrical components of the door lock. 

2- Excess foam 

Too much foam can prevent the drum from spinning or draining. Excessive foaming occurs when you use too much detergent or the water in your machine is too soft. Try using less detergent or switching to a liquid product to resolve this issue.  

3- The filter 

The filter in your washing machine collects dirt and small objects such as pebbles, buttons and coins. If these things start to pile up, this can block the passage of water. Inspect the filter and clean it if necessary. Typically, it’s found on the front of the unit. 

4- Drain hose 

Is the drain hose clogged, squashed or kinked? If this occurs, the water in the machine won’t able to flow freely. If the hose is damaged, the best thing to do is replace it. At Ateliers G. Paquette, we can supply you with all the washer parts you need.  

5- Drain pump 

Sometimes a small object or a piece of clothing such a sock finds its way into the pump and interferes with the functioning of the impeller. The pump can also simply malfunction. Repairing a pump on your own can lead to injury, so it’s best to call in one of our technicians if you suspect there’s a pump issue.   

6- Solenoid valve 

If the solenoid valve — also called the inlet valve — is clogged or defective, it may remain partially open, allowing water to seep through. If the clothes at the bottom of the drum are wet while the items near the top are dry, then the solenoid valve is probably the culprit. 
Is your machine still on the fritz after your troubleshooting? If so, turn to the experienced team at Ateliers G. Paquette to repair your washer. You can count on our expert technicians for all your appliance repair needs in Montreal, Quebec and throughout the province. We’ll be happy to identify and resolve any issues pronto.