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Photo of a technician repairing a dishwasher

Whether your dishwasher is relatively new or a few years old, it’s extremely frustrating when your unit suddenly stops working. At Ateliers G. Paquette, our team specializes in repairing dishwashers and other appliances, serving customers in Montreal and throughout Quebec. You can rest assured we’ll quickly get your appliances back up and running, no matter the issue or broken part. Here are a few troubleshooting tips if your dishwasher won’t drain.

Complete a few checks If your dishwasher doesn’t drain, check to see if the wash cycle was interrupted or the door didn’t close and latch all the way.

Next, if your appliance has a digital display, check if there’s an error code. If so, consult your owner’s manual to find out what it means and whether you can correct the problem yourself or need to call a specialist. Does everything seem normal? Investigate a little further. Clean the unit Your dishwasher may not be draining completely because the drain hose is blocked. First, look to see if the drain hose on the outside of the dishwasher is kinked or bent. If it is, check the hose for damage and restore its shape. If the hose is old or worn out, replace it.

If the dishwasher’s drain hose is in good condition, flip through your owner’s manual and find out how to access the unit’s filter. The filter may be clogged with food residue or other debris, like glass or label paper. If necessary, remove the filter, rinse it and gently clean it with a soft brush. Be careful not to use an abrasive tool, as this could damage it. Then, replace the filter before running a new wash cycle.

Have you tried everything but still can’t figure out the issue? There could be something wrong with the dishwasher’s drain pump, drain motor or another internal part. Contact an expert from Ateliers G. Paquette to determine the root of the problem. We offer comprehensive repair services in Montreal and throughout Quebec.


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