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Dryer parts

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Dryer parts

The dryer is an essential device since it saves precious time for drying our clothes. Available in electric or gas versions, the dryer is a robust household appliance that contains many mechanical and electronic parts. After several years of operation, while performing regular maintenance, it is nevertheless possible that some components may deteriorate and repair may become necessary. The team at Ateliers G. Paquette is at your service to provide you with a wide selection of dryer parts in Québec. Order your item today.

All dryer models are repairable
Whatever your electric or gas dryer model, you can make repairs yourself. There are currently three families of dryers, namely the evacuation, condensation and heat pump models. While their operating systems differ, their structure is relatively similar. Each version has its characteristics and we encourage you to keep the instructions for use of the machine. This provides you with a reliable source containing information on the individual components.

Why repair your dryer yourself?
Repairing your dryer allows you to make significant savings, provided you order the dryer part(s) from your model's brand. Indeed, it is important to respect the concordance of the elements to avoid any risk of further deterioration. To help you, Ateliers G. Paquette has one of the largest selection of dryer parts in Québec. We have all the parts from major brands and can direct you to the product corresponding to your search.

Determine the cause of the failure
It may seem technical to undertake the repair of household appliances yourself. However, there are many cases of failure for which a simple diagnosis will allow you to find the problem. Regardless of your dryer model or brand, there are checkpoints to help you identify a failure. Household appliance manufacturers have introduced electronic systems, indicators and light codes to help you understand almost any technical issues.

Feel free to take a full tour of your machine before starting a repair. Your dryer may simply not be properly connected or the fuse that supplies it may be blown. It is then advisable to check your electrical panel to make sure. You can also check the water collection tank, lint filter, condenser or drain or ventilation duct. Your machine may indeed be poorly maintained, which is the main reason for the existence of failures.

The user guide for your machine will help you understand the different error codes. You can refer to it to check if it is a mechanical problem, such as a defective door, a blocked drum, a blocked sensor problem or an electronic defect. Also, consult our articles on dryer repair to find answers to your breakdown search. Our advisers are at your disposal to guide you in your repair. Do you find it difficult to change the part yourself? Feel free to contact us by phone or email to request the intervention of our experienced technicians.

Parts for all types of dryers
A dryer has a very large number of components and their replacement must be carried out by checking the part number. Rely on Ateliers G Paquette to find you the product that will allow you to carry out your repair. We have a very large inventory of dryer parts in our warehouse, such as:

  • Belts

  • Doors

  • Engines

  • Sensors

  • Seals

  • Handles

  • Cables

  • Drums

  • Condensers

  • Guts

  • Filters

  • Switches

  • and many others

Our partner brands
The largest manufacturers of small and large electrical appliances trust the professionals at Ateliers G. Paquette to take care of their appliances in Québec. In business for more than 40 years, our company has a very large selection of new parts to repair your machine. Discover our partner brands:

  • Hisense
  • Viking
  • Samsung
  • Électroménagers LG
  • Electrolux
  • Frigidaire
  • Blomberg
  • General Electric

Care instructions for your dryer
To limit the risk of failure and increase the life of your dryer, regular maintenance should be carried out. For example, your device has a lint collector, made up of the fibres of your clothes, which you must empty each time you use it. The same applies to the condensate collector, condenser, tank, door seal and all easily accessible components. Because each dryer model is specific, we invite you to consult your appliance's user manual for information on how to maintain your machine.

Did your DRYER break down?

We offer you a very wide choice of parts to repair it yourself.

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