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Complete Guide to Fix the Noise Problems of Your Washing Machine

Photo of a technician repairing a washing machine

Is your washing machine making unusual noises? It can be easy to panic when one of your appliances seemingly malfunctions, but Ateliers G Paquette is here to put your mind at ease!  We have put together this guide to help you identify the different types of problems that can cause this kind of noise, as well as practical solutions to fix them yourself.

Should you still require the agile hand of an expert after your read-through, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our washing machine repair services. Ateliers G Paquette also offers appliance parts ordering services for appliances and washing machines in Montreal for all your appliance repair needs!



Possible Cause: This type of noise can occur during the spin cycle of your washing machine if the load is unevenly distributed in the barrel.

Solution: The first thing to do is stop the washing machine by pressing the start/stop button. Once the washing machine has come to a complete stop, you can open it and rearrange the load correctly. If caused by the uneven load distribution, the thud should cease once you restart your machine.



Possible Cause: Washing large items such as comforters, towels, and jackets can cause vibrations while the machine is running.

Solution: To reduce this type of vibration, it is recommended to use the bedding cycle to wash large items. This cycle is designed specifically to prevent wadding and tangling of the load. If your washer doesn’t have this setting, can also try the bulky or heavy duty settings to help eliminate this undesirable noise.


Clacking Sounds

Possible Cause: An uneven load can cause the washing machine drum to spin and stop repeatedly. This in turn causes clacking noises and a slowing down of the tub. The main cause of this problem is the introduction of non-compatible items into the washing machine. These include mats and carpets, as well as items made of rubber or containing electrical components, such as heated blankets.

Solution: The best solution is to stop the washing machine before removing the items listed above. Washing incompatible materials can cause damage to your appliance; if the clacking sound doesn’t stop once the items are removed, you may need to call upon Ateliers G Paquette for your washing machine repair needs in Montreal.


Rattling Sounds

Possible Cause: Rattling sounds are usually caused by the presence of small objects inside the drum, such as coins left at the bottom of a pocket or a button that has come loose.

Solution: Stop the machine, take out the clothes, and look for loose items. The inside of the drum must be carefully checked so that these small objects can be removed efficiently. If you're having trouble removing objects stuck in the drum of your machine, call our team in Montreal for washing machine repair services!


Whirring Sounds

Possible Cause: Moderate whirring noises before a spin cycle can come from the drainage system and can be perfectly normal. However, if the whirring gets louder, the drain pump may be blocked.

Solution: To remedy this problem, you will need to clean out the drain pump. Before you start, make sure to be equipped with a few towels and a bowl to catch any water that might still be in the hose. Once you’ve got all your supplies, open your washer’s access door and unhook the emergency drain hose. In your bowl, drain the water until the hose is completely empty.  Remove the drain pump filter, wash out any debris stuck to the filter, then reattach the filter and emergency drain hose. 


Banging Sounds

Possible Cause: These noises are often due to the supply hose banging against the rear of the machine.

Solution: Move the washing machine away from the wall to create more space between the supply hose and nearby objects or walls.

If you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get rid of the noises in your washing machine, you can turn to Ateliers G Paquette for your washing machine repair services needs everywhere in Montreal. Our services are compatible with a wide range of makes and models to better serve you.

Would you like to make an appointment? Contact us! Our technicians will take care of all your washing machine repair needs, wherever you are in Montreal.


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