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One evening, you’re getting ready to cook something special, a delicious Asian-style shrimp stir-fry. But after waiting several minutes for the oil to heat up in your wok, you realize something’s wrong—your stove’s burner element has gone on strike. What should you do? At Ateliers G. Paquette, experts in appliance repair in Quebec, we suggest that you take the following four steps to resolve the problem.

1. Check the power

If the oven, clock, lights and other parts of the stove are also not working, your stove’s breaker has probably been “fried,” so to speak. To re-establish the connection, simply reset the breaker in your circuit breaker panel.

2. Check if the burner turns on

Once you’ve restored power (if necessary), turn on the burner and hold your hand over it to determine if it’s emitting heat. If it stays cold, go on to the next step.

3. Move the burner element

Switch the burner element with one that’s working and turn on the burner underneath it. If the element still won’t heat up in its new position, it’s most likely broken, and you’ll need to replace it. If you feel warmth, however, it means that the element itself isn’t defective and the problem has to do with the connection to the heat source.

4. Check the command knob

Remove the command knob for the burner element and check to see if it’s cracked or broken, which could be preventing the burner from turning on. If that’s the case, replace the broken knob with another one to see if that changes whether the burner heats up.

This series of tests will allow you to identify the source of the problem. Whatever the issue is, there’s a good chance you’ll have to buy a new burner element. Fortunately, you can order any stove parts online through Ateliers G. Paquette.

If the problem persists, get in touch with us to make an appointment because internal components of your stove could be damaged. One of our technicians will come by to check if the issue has to do with, say, a broken cable connecting to your stove’s control system. They’ll then repair your stove and replace all defective parts.

At Ateliers G. Paquette, we’ve been experts in appliance repair since 1978 and serve thousands of clients throughout Quebec. If you need stove parts or repair advice, contact us or visit one of our branches in Montreal, Quebec or Repentigny!


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