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Is your dryer no longer drying? In this article, Ateliers G. Paquette provides you with useful tips for getting your dryer up and running again.

When the Dryer Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the issue is one you can resolve yourself. Let’s start with the simplest fixes. If the dryer isn’t turned on, make sure, first, that it’s plugged in (sometimes kids, pets or objects can knock the plug loose), and next make sure that the power supply isn’t the issue: go to your electric box and see if a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has been tripped. Finally, you might want to make sure that your outlet is functioning properly by checking the voltage with a voltage metre. Both gas and electric dryers require 240v to operate. If the outlet is malfunctioning, call an electrician.

If none of this solves the issue, then you can be confident that the problem is with the machine itself. It could be that a thermal fuse in the control panel is damaged. Handy homeowners might be able to perform simple fixes (such as replacing the thermal fuse) themselves simply by consulting the owner’s manual. For more difficult tasks and for a full diagnosis of the problem, call in a repair technician.

When Clothes Aren’t Drying Effectively

Is your dryer not heating or drying your clothes properly? This is another problem you might be able to solve yourself. Again, let’s start with the simplest potential solution: cleaning the lint filter. If the filter is full, air doesn’t circulate freely and the drying process takes longer. The other thing to check is the dryer vent system: make sure it’s not kinked, clogged or disconnected. You can use a long-handled bristle brush to clean out the dryer vent. Or, for a more thorough cleaning job, you can hire a professional.

If, after doing all this, your dryer still isn’t up to snuff, it’s likely time to call in a repair person. And note that in order to extend the life of your dryer, regular maintenance by a professional (every 18 months or so) is recommended.

Professional Appliance Repairs Across Quebec

You can count on the experienced technicians at Ateliers G. Paquette to get your dryer working smoothly again. Our team does home appliance repairs across the province: in Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Repentigny and in the surrounding areas. Contact us to order a part or make an appointment for us to repair your dryer!


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