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Your freezer is really an amazing machine that uses simple principles of thermodynamics to help us in our daily lives. Before you call your freezer repair expert in Montreal, you should educate yourself about what might be wrong. You can also order your freezer parts with us directly and install them yourself if you find yourself confident enough! But first, here are a few common problems you may run into with your freezer:

Modern freezers are basically well-insulated cabinets whose doors seal tightly. Tubes circulate a special liquid (known as a “refrigerant”) up and down the back of your refrigerator. This liquid is special because it changes temperatures under different pressures particularly well. As the liquid circulates through the tubes, the coils where heat is transferred, and the condenser that pumps the liquid, it’s put under different pressures. Because heat always moves from hotter to cooler areas, we are able to move heat from the freezer cabinet through the refrigerant and release it outside of the refrigerator. This is accomplished simply by changing the amount of pressure a refrigerant is under at different stages in its cycle with a few fans to speed up the process.

My freezer won’t turn on.

Be certain that your freezer is properly plugged in and that your home’s electric outlets are all working properly. If there’s nothing wrong with your home’s electric current, that means there’s a problem with the wiring in your freezer which should be safely handled by a professional.

My freezer won’t turn off.

Your freezer has an automatic system that turns itself on, circulating the refrigerant, when the temperature in the box goes below what you’ve set on the thermostat. If your freezer isn’t cold despite it running constantly there may be a problem with the seal of your freezer, allowing the cold to escape. If the freezer is cold and still won’t turn off, there may be a problem with your system’s sensor or thermostat.

There’s frost all over my freezer.

Frost happens when the moisture from hot air mixes with the cold air in your freezer to make ice. If your freezer is covered in moisture that means there’s probably hot air getting in somewhere—either your seal is loose or you’re opening the door too often.

My freezer is making strange noises.

If your freezer is working properly, the noise it makes should be minimal. You may hear the humming of the compressor pumping the refrigerant through the tubes or an occasional starting up of the system when the temperature inside drops too much. Any banging or clanging means something is wrong (probably a problem with the compressor or the fan that blows air over the coils).

Since 1978, Ateliers G. Paquette has been Quebec’s choice for freezer repair. From Montreal to Laval, Repentigny, and Quebec City, our several locations allow us to serve pretty much all of Quebec. Contact us today to find out more about our many services.


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